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Reliability and Style

Unlike your large DJ companies I only perform one event a day, so if you select me as your DJ, that day is devoted to your event! I also do all my own events so when I say you are getting a DJ with a Bachelors Degree in Music you are getting me, Michael Gagnier and not some inexperienced DJ that is sent out to perform at your event.

Punctuality is very important to me so I get to all my events about two and a half hours prior to your guests arrival so that I can set everything up, run my checks, and have music playing before your first guests makes it to the venue. It only takes me about an hour to set everything up but I like to give myself plenty of time so I don’t feel rushed.

Dressing appropriately for each event is an area that many DJs are lacking. I do all my weddings in a Black and White Tailored Tuxedo. Be assured that I will be dressed professionally no matter what type of event you are having.

Full Truss of Club Style Lighting Effects with a Flat Screen TV

Nothing can change the atmosphere of your event quite like professional Club Style Lighting for your dance floor. My lighting truss looks great and is also sturdy enough to hold everything from LED Lights to fill a large area but also a couple of lasers which really adds a nice effect and gives your venue the feel of a night club. Sitting at the top center of my lighting truss is a 55” LED Flat Screen TV that I can use for everything from showing pictures of the guests of honor, to music videos, and yes even karaoke!!!

Professional Grade Sound Equipment

The sound equipment has been selected to create the best sound quality. I use a Macbook Pro for my main computer and bring a Macbook Air as backup. I use apple because I can clone the hard drive, which allows me to have your playlists open on both computers at the same time.

For mixing purposes I use Virtual DJ Pro and a Pioneer DDJSX2 Controller which enables me to adjust the BPM of both songs in order to create smooth transitions. With a lot of DJ Software out in the world to choose from I like Virtual DJ for the simple reason that it works really well when you are running video and mixing at the same time.

Professional Bose Speakers and Subs

For speakers I use three Bose L1 Model 2 Systems each with a B2 Bass Module. If your venue is large I can even run one of the systems wirelessly on the opposite end of the venue and with the Line Array Speakers in the Bose systems the sound will blend nicely and you won’t hear a sound delay giving you a nice consistent sound throughout your venue. Most of your quality DJs will use two JBL Powered Speakers but that still leaves the DJ Blasting the sound from one part of the room and when it comes to quality, nothing can compare to the cleanliness of Bose.

Playlists and Music Library

Each event is different and tastes in music can vary from event to event so I work with my clients in customizing the perfect playlist for each event. You can be assured that I don’t come to events with the intention of playing just the music that I want to hear however I am very comfortable at reading a crowd and filling in songs that will keep everyone on the dance floor and having a great time. I am coming to entertain your guests and play the music that is right for your crowd. In addition to your personalized playlist I will bring over 500,000 songs to fill the requests of your guests on the spot. I also have the ability to go online from your venue and get any song and have it played within three songs.

Customized Wedding Itinerary

With over 20 years experience as a Master of Ceremonies for weddings, I know how to make the events of a wedding flow with great transitions so that there is very little downtime and that way you can just enjoy your big day. Whether you hire a Wedding Coordinator or not, I know what works and have it all laid out for you in my Wedding Reception Sample Time-line. I think once we sit down and talk through the timeline you will have a clear picture that your wedding is in good hands with Elite Party DJ.

Professional Wireless Microphones For Toasts, Wedding Officiate, and Singing!

Shure Microphones are some of the best made microphones in the world today and all of my microphones are rated as the companies best. Whether you need a Lavaliere Clip-on Microphone for the Wedding Officiate or want to feel like a star and belt out your favorite song with that golden voice of yours, I carry the best quality microphones!

Licensed Wedding Officiate

I am licensed in California to perform wedding ceremonies. I am non-denominational and will perform whatever style of vows you request. In my 20 years of service, I have performed the ceremonies for about a dozen weddings in which I was also the DJ. If you are on a budget and need someone to fulfill this important role I would be more that happy to assist you.


  • Reliability and Style

    Unlike your large DJ companies I only perform one event a day...Read more >

  • Customized Wedding Itinerary

    With over 20 years experience as a Master of Ceremonies for weddings....Read more >

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