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I am so glad you stopped by to see what Elite Party DJ can do for you on your very special day. I have been in the DJ business for the past 20 years and a Master of Ceremonies/Disc Jockey for several weddings! Unlike your average Disc Jockey, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music as well as a Master’s Degree in Administration, which helps me coordinate the events in a wedding so that the sequence runs smoothly and you don't feel rushed.

In addition to playing the music that you want played at your wedding, I will make all the important announcements and coordinate with the caterers and photographers to insure that all the right people are in the room to capture the special events such as the cake cutting, first dance, etc. prior to announcing that the events are taking place. It is my job to do all the work and make your wedding run smoothly so that you can enjoy yourselves on your special day!

I work with my clients in designing a personalized play list for each wedding and will have it completely put together and email you an excel version of your play list at least two weeks prior to your big day so that you can make some final adjustments and therefore you are in control as to what will be played at your wedding. In addition to your personalized play list I will bring a terabyte of over 500,000 songs in a variety of genres to fill any requests from your guests. Wireless capability enables me to go online from your reception site and get any request that I don’t currently have in my library and have it played within 3 songs!

I have a professional looking truss system that I fly a flat screen TV on so I can show slide shows of the Bride and Groom during the dinner portion of your reception. I also know that some couples don't want club style lighting at their wedding but if you do, I have plenty of lighting to transform your reception and give it that night club feel.

Uplighting can give your reception hall that extra wow factor and for weddings I throw the uplighting in at no extra cost. All of my uplights are wireless and can be placed anywhere in the reception hall to accent the walls with color. The trick with uplights is to place them about 6 to 10 feet apart from each other because the idea is not to change the entire room but instead to accent the room with color. My uplights are set from a color pallet allowing you to have complete control over the color for the uplights. Once you select your color it will be be saved for your wedding!

The day of the wedding I will show up at least two and a half hours prior to the event to get set up and run all my checks so that I can have music playing as your guests arrive. I pride myself on being the utmost professional and do all my weddings in a black and white tuxedo or I can dress to match a theme. I run two wireless microphones for toasts and can set up a wireless lavaliere clip-on microphone for your wedding officiate so that everyone can hear your vows. I also have the capability of setting up a second system if the ceremony is in a separate location than the reception to be able to cover a ceremony.

Unlike other Disc Jockeys out there I don't double book events and I do all my own weddings so when I say you are getting a DJ with a Bachelor’s Degree you are getting me, Michael Gagnier and not an inexperienced 18 year old DJ that is sent out to do the job. With Elite Party DJ I am not looking to expand my company!!! Therefore, I offer high end quality at reasonable rates. Once again there are no extra charges for a second system, uplighting, Club style Dance lighting, wireless microphones for toasts, Lavaliere Clip-on microphone for the wedding officiate, karaoke, set-up, etc.

The wedding reception timeline linked below will show how I organize the events in a wedding so there is a nice flow to your wedding with very little downtime. The sample timeline is just a suggested order of events along with the reasons that I like to the events in that order but this is your wedding so everything can be adjusted to your liking.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wedding Timeline Template


Music will be playing 30 minutes prior to the ceremony so music is playing as your guests start arriving. You can send me a list of pre-ceremony music that you want played for this portion of the wedding or just give me a genre and I will select the songs. I will also need your Ceremony Music Selections.

Cocktail Hour

Following the ceremony, music for the cocktail hour will play while the two of you go with the photographer and take pictures.

Grand Entrance

I will need a list of the names of the bridal party participants with phonetic spelling in the order in which you want them announced. (This is usually in reverse order of how you walk down the aisle starting with your ring bearer and flower girl, through the bridal party and ending with the guests of honor, our bride and groom.) I will need to know how you would like to be announced. I will need a song for your bridal party as well as one song for the two of you for the grand entrance.

Following the Grand entrance, bride and groom will walk around and greet the guests and the cocktail hour music will finish up and transition into the dinner music.


I will check with the caterers and check to see when dinner is ready and when they say they are good to go. I will announce that the buffet is open. I can release them by tables starting with the Bridal party, then moving to immediate family, and finally through the rest of the tables.


Following dinner, we will have the toasts (Best Man, Maid of Honor, Parents???, etc.)

First Dance/Father-Daughter/Mother-Son/Bridal Party Dance

Following the toasts, the first dance will begin, then the Father/Daughter dance, and the Mother/Son Dance. Additionally, the Bridal Party Dance will commence.

All Dancing

During the bridal party dance, all your family and friends will be invited to join you on the dance floor and then transitioned into more dance music to get them all dancing.

Anniversary Dance

After about 30-45 minutes of dancing, an announcement for the Anniversary Dance will be made and all the married couples on the dance floor will be invited to the dance floor and I will have them sit down in reverse order of length of marriage.

Anniversary Dance Toast/Cake Cutting

When we get down to the last couple, we will ask them to give you a toast on what it takes to make a marriage pass the test of time right before we cut the cake!


Following the cake we will do the Bouquet toss and I will have the best man meet me at the dj booth and I will instruct him to get a chair for our bride so that once she is done tossing the bouquet she can sit in a chair in the center of the dance floor and we can transition into the garter toss.

Money Dance? If you want to do one this is the perfect time to do so!!! All of your guests are still present at the reception and this would be the last event before we just go into all dancing for the remainder of the night. If you choose to do a money dance, you can have two envelopes and hand one to the best man and one to the maid of honor. I will announce that if the guest wants to dance with the groom, they must pay the best man. If the guest wants to dance with the bride, they must pay the Maid of Honor. I can play songs referencing money, love songs, or anything else that you would prefer.

All Dancing for the Remainder of the Night

Following the money dance, I will announce the floor is open and that I am taking requests as well. Any lists of music that you give me, I will make sure that I play through the songs and mix them based on the feel of the crowd to keep as many people on the dance floor as possible. If the dance floor starts to empty because people are getting tired, I will transition into a slower song to try and get couple and older family members out there dancing so that everyone can enjoy the music and the dance floor. I will use the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Wobble, etc to get the most people out there and then depending on the requests that come in and what songs have been working to keep the most people on the floor, I will use those songs.

Farwell Dance

This would be your last dance of the evening if there is a special song request just let me know.

I will need your music lists complete two weeks prior to your big day in order to insure I can get every specially requested song.

Michael J. Gagnier


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